Norstar M7310 Troubleshooting

Norstar M7208 Phone Troubleshooting, to begin do some basic tests that can help determine the problem or the extent of the problem. Troubleshooting Nortel.

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Nortel 7310M Troubleshooting Guide

If it is related to  Invalid Feature – affecting Nortel Voicemail Troubleshooting click here


  1. First, determine if the problem is affecting 1 phone or all phones. If it is just the single phone (go to phone issues)
  2. If it is affecting all phones that check the following:
    1.  Locate the main unit (Nortel Processor CLICK HERE to SEE System) It will generally be off the main working area in a storage area.  Typical Dark tan in color.   Check to see if the power
      1. Is the system plugged into a battery backup – Which may be beeping?
      2. Check to see if the system is plugged into a surge stripe and maybe tripped.
      3. Check to see if someone unknowingly unplugged the system
    2.  IF ANY OF THE ABOVE is True – Plug the system into a working outlet  To see if this resolves the problem.

If the problem is not resolved (continue )

Step II

If the system is Plugged in and All Phones are not displaying and have no active ability you will need Onsite Support to complete this troubleshooting.

Norstar is a brand by Nortel Networks


Specific Phone Issues

A,  Check to see if the plug at the Jack or on the Phone has come loose or out of its socket.   It may be a broken clip and by returning it to the position. If the display and phone begin to operate you will need to replace that wire to the phone.

B.  Check the Jack itself to see if the wire was pulled and disconnected wires from the jack components.  Wiggling them or seeing them loose or the jack from the wall.  If so you will need a Telecommunications Technician.

C.  Now check to see if a button is depressed and not functioning. Sometimes keys will get depressed and get caught in the plastics of the phone.  So hit all buttons to see if a button won’t rise up or is stuck down.


Damaged or M7310 Phone that needs to be Repaired

If you have a bad phone due to shipping it is NO LONGER sensible to “Repair the phone”, but we have Replacement M7310 Phones



This Troubleshooting Guide is related to Nortel Networks Phone Troubleshooting.

Norstar M7310 Troubleshooting

M7310 Phone Troubleshooting 

Nortel M7310 Troubleshooting

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