Feature Unavailable Nortel Voicemail

Nortel Troubleshooting “My Nortel Voicemail is not functioning and when press the voicemail button it says feature unavailable” what is the answer?

Feature Unavailable

Nortel Voicemail not working – Feature Unavailable


You should reach out to Nortel Works a TelcomPBX provider and Nortel Support Center to help you diagnose this issue.  There can be many causes of the “Feature Unavailable” message.



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Feature Unavailable 

nortel feature unavailable voicemail


*** STOP ****– Power Issue and/ or  internal error!

Avoid Additional Damage 

 Call – Atlantic Business System we are  –  Authorized Technicians 

This is a serious alert to you that your NORTEL Voicemail system is failed/down and you require an immediate service call by a qualified telephone technician to get your system returned to working order.  A telephone technician may be able to give you a temporary workaround. ( CALL Norstar Certified Service provider)

If you not able to – Press the CHECK VOICEMAIL key or press FEATURE 981. Next, enter your password. You will then hear a menu of options – follow the prompts to listen to your prompts is not working and returns the “Feature Unavailable”


NOTICE:  This is a serious issue


Feature Unavailable Voicemail not working


Nortel Voicemail

Nortel Voicemail feature unavaiable


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Feature Unavailable

Nortel Voicemail


error message “Feature unavailable”


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