Mail box locked Nortel Voicemail

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When trying to access voicemail on Nortel Phone displays Mailbox locked and then contact the admin also appears


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nortel feature unavailable voicemail

Mbox Locked Contact Admin

 Call – Atlantic Business System We are  –  Authorized Technicians 

If you are not able to – Press the CHECK VOICEMAIL key or press FEATURE 981. Next, enter your password. You will then hear a menu of options – follow the prompts to listen to your prompts is not working and returns the “inactive feature


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Nortel Networks, was last in business in 2009 and for a brief period, Avaya took over to assist Nortel Customers and Nortel Dealers in maintaining their Nortel Phone Systems.  Sadly that did not last too long However Nortel Works is still available for Nortel Support for your Nortel Phone System. Nortel was a well-made phone system that can last decades but it requires professional Nortel Support to keep the system running as long as it possibly can.  Nortel and Meridian produced a very nice phone system for small to medium size businesses.  These Nortel Phone Systems were designed to be user friends with lines with buttons and easily put calls on hold or fixed park as well as had features not normally seen on systems of this size or scope.

Nortel Voicemail is a powerful feature-rich voicemail system but is complicated, and over time you will need Nortel Support for Nortel Voicemial to reset passwords and redirect call flow on your Nortel Phone System.  Nortel Networks a corporation was declared bankrupt in 2009 after almost a decade of financial mismanagement by its executive team. In 2008, three former top executives had been charged with fraud for misrepresenting Nortel’s financial results between 2000 and 2004.  Avaya and Nortel Works had supported these systems for more than a decade now and there is still support for the Nortel Phone you use in your office.


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Mail box locked Nortel Voicemail
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