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Invalid Feature Nortel Voicemail not functioning

Nortel Troubleshooting “My Nortel Voicemail is not working and when press the voicemail button it says invalid feature” What is the answer?

Invalid Feature Nortel Voicemail not functioning

Nortel Voicemail not working – Invalid Feature Nortel Voicemail not functioning


You should reach out to Nortel Works a TelcomPBX provider and Nortel Support Center to help you diagnose this issue.  There can be many causes of the “Feature Unavailable” message.



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Invalid Feature 

nortel feature unavailable voicemail


*** STOP ****– Power Issue and/ or  internal error!

Avoid Additional Damage 

 Call – Atlantic Business System We are  –  Authorized Technicians 

This is a serious alert to you that your NORTEL Voicemail system is failing/down and you require an immediate service call by a qualified Nortel telephone technician to get your system returned to working order.  A telephone technician may be able to give you a temporary workaround. ( CALL Norstar Certified Service provider)

If you are not able to – Press the CHECK VOICEMAIL key or press FEATURE 981. Next, enter your password. You will then hear a menu of options – follow the prompts to listen to your prompts is not working and returns the “Feature Unavailable”


NOTICE:  This is a serious issue


Feature Unavailable Voicemail not working


Nortel Voicemail

Nortel Voicemail feature unavaiable


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Feature Unavailable

Nortel Voicemail

Nortel Voicemail Not working


error message “Invalid Feature”

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About Nortel

About Nortel Voicemail, Meridian Voicemail, or Norstar Voicemail.  The Nortel Phone System was an amazing brand made from the late 80s through the early 2000s however it is no longer manufactured by Nortel Networks which went out of business in 2009.  As your system ages you will need Nortel Support and Nortel Troubleshooting.  Contact our team for Support on Nortel phone systems.  Atlantic Business Systems has provided support for over three decades and offices and dispatch centers in 37 states.  If you are experiencing issues with your Nortel Voicemail and this Invalid Feature please contact us!  We offer support, replacement phones, and onsite troubleshooting for your Nortel Phone System.  The T7316 was the workhorse desk phone of the Nortel Phone System and was sometimes labeled Nortel T7316e.


Contact Nortel

How do I contact Nortel

If you’re wondering how to Contact Nortel or Nortel Networks? Here is how you reach Nortel Support for Troubleshooting and Nortel Repair.

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Question:  How do I contact Nortel

Nortel Networks

When you’re looking for Nortel Networks or Nortel Support you will find that Nortel Networks filed bankruptcy in 2009 and for a while, you could get support from Avaya and Nortel Works.  Nortel Works is still able to support you in 37 states across the country.

The Evolution of Business Communication: Landline to VoIP

Businesses have been relying on landline phones for over a century, with their usage widespread across the globe. The advent of VoIP and Cloud Phone Systems introduced new dimensions to corporate communications, offering features conducive to remote working. However, these modern systems come with their own challenges. For businesses not requiring remote functionalities, traditional line telephone systems remain the preferred choice due to their straightforwardness. For instance, placing a call on hold and retrieving it from any phone within the system is simple and intuitive. Brands like Avaya 18D, Nortel T7316e, and Meridian M7310 have been crowd favorites among these line phone systems.

Advantages & Limitations of Traditional Line Phone Systems

The simplicity and reliability of traditional line phone systems have made them a mainstay in many offices. Users adore brands such as Avaya 18D, Nortel T7316e, and Meridian M7310, which stand out as some of the most popular handsets. However, one limitation of this system is its restricted functionality for remote work; setting up a remote connection often necessitates using two lines connected to the main system. Despite this, the ease of use and stability of these systems have prompted business owners to seek repair services for their Avaya or Nortel phones rather than replacing them.

Contacting Nortel for Support in Today’s Times

Though Nortel ceased its operations in 2009, support for its products is still available, primarily through Nortel Works. This national entity specializes in Nortel Support and even offers repair services for Nortel products. However, a challenge that businesses might face is finding skilled Nortel technicians. Given the time elapsed since Nortel’s discontinuation, many technicians familiar with their products are older than the average tech professional. Thus, securing a provider with the requisite knowledge to maintain or repair these systems is crucial.

Identifying Your Nortel System

Nortel’s product range has spanned several brands over the years. Norstar, Nortel, Nortel Networks, Meridian, and BCM are some of the labels you might encounter on your communication equipment. Among these, the Nortel T7316 and Nortel T7316e models have been particularly popular, often taking pride of place on many office desks.

Contacting Nortel for Support

While the world has seen tremendous advancements in communication technologies, traditional line phone systems, especially from brands like Nortel, continue to hold their ground in many business settings. Their ease of use and dependability make them a favored choice for many. And even though Nortel as a company no longer exists, support and repair services remain accessible, ensuring that businesses can continue to rely on these robust systems.


This article is in reference to obtaining Nortel Support, or more accurately how do I contact Nortel?  If this article was helpful please take a moment an share it.


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User Guide Norstar

Nortel Phone User Guide for many Nortel Phone and Nortel Phone Systems.  These instructions can help you in using your Norstar, Nortel Neworks Phone.

For Nortel Support

please call – 1-877-690-7705

Nortel User Guide


To Call an Extension:
1. Lift handset or press an INTERCOM key
2. Dial the extension number

To Use Voice Call:
1. Lift handset, press Voice Call key or press the Feature button, then press 66
2. Dial the extension number
*If person is on the phone, Voice Call will not work

To Call an Outside Line:
1. Lift handset or press INTERCOM key
2. Dial “9” followed by the telephone number
(Depends on system configuration, may not be applicable.

To Place a Call on Hold:
1. Press the hold key

To Retrieve a Caller Held on Your Phone:
1. Lift handset
2. Press the INTERCOM key or line button that has the flashing triangle next to it

To Transfer a Call:
1. While a caller is on the line, press the softkey under the word TRANSFER in the LCD display or Feature 70
2. Dial the extension number of the person you are transferring to
3. You may announce the call at this time by waiting for the called party to answer
*Press the JOIN softkey to complete the transfer
*Press the RETRY softkey to enter a different extension
*Press the CANCEL softkey to return to the caller

To Park A Call (Puts a call on hold so that it can be picked up from any telephone on the system:
1. While a caller is on the line, press the CALL PARK key or press the Feature button, then 74
2. Look at the display to see where the call is parked, the display will show a 3 digit park code
3. Hang up the receiver

To Retrieve a Parked Call:
1. Lift handset or press the INTERCOM key
2. Dial the park code (Example 101, 102.

To Page:
1. Lift handset
2. Press the PAGE key or press the Feature button, then 611
3. Make your announcement
4. Press the release key

To Turn On or Off Do Not Disturb:
1. Press the DND key or press the Feature button, then 85
2. To turn it off: Press the DND key or the Feature button, then #85

To Make a Conference Call:
1. Make or receive the 1st call
2. Press the Hold key
3. Place 2nd call
4. Press the Conference key or press the Feature button, then 3
5. Press the INTERCOM key next to the held first call

To Pickup a Specific Ringing Extension:
1. Press the Call Pickup key or press the Feature button, then 76
2. Dial the extension you want to pick up

To see the Call Duration Timer:
1. During your call or just after your call
2. Press the Feature button, then 77
*This will show you a “static” duration of your call

To Use Last Number Redial:
1. Press the Last No. Redial key or press the Feature button, then 5
*This will redial the last number you called

To Check to See What is Programmed On a Particular Button:
1. Do a “Button Inquiry” by pressing the Feature button, then * 0
2. Hit the button you want to check and it will show in the display what is programmed there

Nortel Support

Nortel Support is Available

For Nortel Support

please call – 1-877-690-7705


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Nortel User Guide


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