Nortel system not working

Nortel System not working, troubleshooting the Nortel Networks Phone System that is not working here are the steps you should try to fix your Nortel.

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Does your Notel network lines or telephone system not working Properly? Try Troubleshooting it through our manual guide starting from simple rebooting.  When a telephone extension fails the phones stop ringing, a problem you do not want to have and a problem that can be avoided with an updated system.

The Nortel Norstar telephone system was integrated Line Telephone System and introduced to the working world in the late 1980s, quickly becoming one of the leading telephone systems in the world.   The Nortel Phone System has lasted an exceptionally longtime and was extremely well built.   However, a things are becoming big factors.  The actual electronics are aging to a point that they will unvoidably fail.  Capcitors will not be able to do their jobs.   In addition the aging population of telecom techs is an evcen bigger issue as Nortel Service becomes impossible if there are no Technicians to perform it.

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First Steps to Troubleshooting Nortel Phone

Question – Is there any display on the phone or lights showing the phone is working?

Question – Are you able to dial any of the other extensions (other phones) in the office? 

Question – Is there any code or Message displaying on the LCD of the Phone?

Question – Are there any LEDs light on the main box (the main processor) which resides near your Carriers phone lines Dmark?

Question  – Is their Static or intermittent static on the line when you have a conversation with another party through the Nortel Phone?

Question – Is there dialtone or are you able to make a call from each line or all lines of the Nortel Phone System?


These are the questions TECH Support of Nortel Works will ask you about your Nortel Networks Phone System.  As they assist you in diagnosing your Nortel Phone System Problem.

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